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Goodyear FG-1D Corsair, Bureau# 88297, G-FGID
Pratt & Whitney R-2800-8 Double Wasp, 2800 cu in (46L), 2000hp, 18 cylinder air cooled radial

The Fighter Collection's Corsair was built at the Goodyear Aircraft Corporation works in Akron, Ohio and delivered to the US Navy in April 1945. Initially allocated to Aircraft Pool Airwing 2 on Guam in the Pacific, there are then no records until the aircraft turned up at a repair depot in the Phillippines in October 1945. After this it returned to the United States and circulated through various US Naval Air Reserve Squadrons and periods of storage before being put up for disposal in March 1956. Initially acquired, in 1959, by a scrap dealer the Corsair was then rescued for preservation by Frank Tallman in 1960. The aircraft was on display as part of the Tallmantz Movieland collection until 1966 when it was again put up for sale. The Corsair passed through a number of private owners until it was acquired by Stephen Grey in 1986, arriving in Europe in April of that year.

A stalwart of TFC ever since, this is one of the most original airworthy Corsairs flying today, having never undergone a major restoration. It is painted as a Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Corsair KD345 of 1850 Squadron as it would have appeared in December 1945, embarked on HMS Vengeance of the British Pacific Fleet.
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