Since I began attending Duxford regularly around 2001, The Fighter Collection (TFC) has operated over 30 different warbirds which I have enjoyed photographing at numerous airshows, particularly their own annual Flying Legends show. It has been a pleasure to observe the largest and most dynamic collection of historic aircraft in Europe constantly evolving as it restores, maintains and presents these 'planes to the public.

This is a series of galleries in which I will document The Fighter Collection, with a page for each aeroplane. I'm intending these will be evolving galleries with about 10 pictures in each, which may change over time as I capture new images or uncover forgotten ones from the past.
Bell P-39Q AiracobraGoodyear FG-1D CorsairCurtiss H-75A-1 HawkCurtiss P-40C WarhawkGrumman F8F BearcatNorth American P-51D 44-73149Spitfire LF Vb EP120